Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My Future Plan Essay English

Hasil gambar untuk its time to change

1. It's time to change !
My first step is study hard and pray to Allah (God). Then, Resolve all of the problems that block my way to go. Finally, if all of the problems had been solved, Iwould have became what I want. But in fact, I can't do that because I don't belief in myself. Actually, there is another way to become succes in life.That is work on my passion and talent. I want to be a successful person.

Hasil gambar untuk you are what you do
2. You are what you do.
At this time, I'm still doing somethingstupid and meaningless. Like playing games for many hours and watch TV or movie without studying hard after that. I must stop this bad habits. If I don't stop stop it right now, it can be dangerous for my future. My parents aren't happy if see thier child growp up into fail person. I must find my passion, study hard for my future, practice my talent and pray to Allah (God). Without all of that, I can't be come successful person.

Hasil gambar untuk The higher education you have, the more qualified you are
3. The higher education you have, the more qualified you are.
Education is the best way to success. The skill and experience from education I have learn is very needed at work and It's very necessary at daily life. Higher education make professional person. And to become successful person, I need to become professional first. A lot of professional person can reach  their dream and share their experience to all people at the world. Many people must fight against their fear and some problrms to become success. If they fall or fail, they should never give up and keep spirit for another opportunity.
4. EQ is more important than IQ.
Our emotions can influence our intelligence. Some people said, if we are happy, we can use our intelligence more bette than if we are stress. We have to relax and keep calm after work hard. Stress condition have negative and positive effects. One of negative effects is it can make someone into crazy and can't think normal. And one of positive effects is it can make someone's work become more efficient than normal. So, it means if we can control our emotion, we can have more intelligence.
Hasil gambar untuk My most influential person
5. My most influential person.
My mother is my influential person. She always there for me when I need her help. Perhaps, that thing makes me admire her more than my father. She always thinks twice before doing something. Her awareness make her into successful person. She teaches me with her good advice and it's inspire me to become better than yesterday. Beside all of that, I want to make my mother proud of me. Thank you mom !

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