Monday, January 9, 2017

Grand Legend Ramayana Live Show @ ComicFest ID 2016

Drama adaptasi cerita "RAMAYANA" terbaik yang pernah saya tonton :)

Dipublikasikan tanggal 6 Jun 2016
This is the official recording of Grand Legend Ramayana live show, which is performed at ComicFest ID 2016 on 28-29 May 2016 at SMESCO UKM, Jakarta, Indonesia. Ramayana is an ancient Sanskrit epic poem by Valmiki and this stage play is a modern interpretation adapted from the comic by Is Yuniarto titled Grand Legend Ramayana, which is serialized in re:ON Comics periodical magazine.

This stage play features Indonesian and international cosplayers such as:
- Naru (Indonesia) as Rama
- Yingtze (Malaysia) as Shinta
- Liui (Phillipines) as Laksman
- Erlan Bakabon (Indonesia) as Rahvan
- Pinky Lu Xun (Indonesia) as Mandodari
- Orochi X (Australia) as Vibishan

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